Automated building systems from Green Project Group
Implementation of automated monitoring and control systems for buildings under construction and existing ones. Modernization and maintenance of automation systems. Complex solutions for energy efficiency, automation, control and management of engineering systems.
Modern buildings are equipped with an increasing number of engineering systems and equipment. Both the operational efficiency of the building and its safety depend on the coordination of their work. The importance of promptly obtaining all data on the state of the building is growing.

Automated building management systems - the tool that ensures the integration of the entire engineering infrastructure of a building into a single system. It solves the tasks of control and protection of equipment, operational control over the state of engineering systems and operations of the operation service.

Regardless of the goals, whether it is improving people's comfort or improving the efficiency and energy efficiency of buildings, building management systems make it easy to integrate, control and operate your systems and equipment. From local solutions that control individual engineering systems or installations to fully integrated smart buildings. For any application, be it a school, office, hospital or airport, you will find the right solution in our offer of automated building management systems.
Automated building systems from Green Project Group

Objects of automation:

Integration into a single management information environment of all automatic control subsystems, providing visualization (HMI) and data archiving, managing and monitoring the functioning of building engineering systems:

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems;
  • Heat supply and heating systems;
  • ventilation systems;
  • Water supply and sewage systems;
  • Power supply and uninterruptible power supply systems;
  • Electric lighting systems;
  • Technical accounting systems for resources.

Advantages of implementing automated building management systems:

- Significant savings in energy consumption of buildings and structures:
Due to the general system management of all internal engineering systems that can be used both for one building and for solutions of individual building blocks (heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting systems, blinds systems, as well as other engineering systems) organize significant savings in consumption energy of buildings and structures - up to 30%;
- Effective centralized control over the engineering systems of the facility:
Advantages of implementing automated building management systems: