Automated building systems from Green Project Group

Implementation of automated monitoring and control systems for buildings under construction and existing. Modernization and maintenance of automation systems.

Integrated solutions for energy efficiency, automation, control and management of engineering systems.

Solutions for the distribution of electrical energy from a medium voltage substation to consumer outlets. Means of monitoring, accounting and changing the quality of electrical energy. Lightning protection and grounding. Protection of electrical consumers from the effects of overvoltages, a guarantee of the safety of personnel and equipment

Engineering communications systems for buildings, building scheduling from Green Project Group

Structured cabling systems based on optical and copper cables. Building a unified physical environment for data transmission for all engineering systems: LAN, telephony, television, security systems and video surveillance. Solutions for conference rooms and press centers.

Building security systems, building scheduling - Green Project Group

Effective solutions for equipping buildings with safety systems. Ensuring the safety of people and property with the help of integrated security systems at facilities of any complexity, from private households to sports arenas and transport infrastructure facilities

Engineering ventilation systems for buildings, building ventilation and conditioning - Green Project Group

Solutions for ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems, using modern energy-saving equipment and innovative technologies. Ensuring the optimal microclimate in buildings and structures of any functional purpose.

Engineering heating, plumbing and sewage systems for buildings - Green Project Group

Solutions for water supply and sanitation. Hot water systems using renewable energy sources (solar systems) and recovery. Reuse of conditionally clean wastewater for technical purposes.